Monday, February 28, 2011

BLANK invitations to the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton available on the black market have sparked security concerns ahead of the April 29 ceremony.

Alicia Carroll owner of  Everything Royal, a Los Angeles based commemorative company. contacted Caroline Graham from The Mail On Sunday in the UK after receiving a call from a man named Danny Fournier who claimed to be employed by Barnard and Westwood, printers to the royal family.

The Fournier  claimed to have been employed by the company for the past 11 years. Fournier was offering Miss Carroll a blank wedding invitation for 2000 pounds. In his conversation with Carroll, he stated since security surrounding the royal wedding was so secure in the UK, a friend had suggested he contact her.

Miss Carroll's immediate  thought was of the threat to security for the royal wedding with blank invitations being sold. She was also concerned since Fournier stated he could get anything printed in the future including the order of service and ceremonial program for the wedding. Fournier also stated he could obtain another invitations.

Fournier said he had binders of things he could sell.

Danny Fournier

Thinking Mr. Fournier had been employed by the company for the past 11 years and had access to all manner of invitations including those to Her Majesty's garden parties possibly allowing someone entrance to harm the Queen Miss Carroll called Caroline Graham .

Carroll was afraid he  would offer the invitation to another party.  Miss Carroll  was contacted by Jo Macfarlane, a correspondent for the Mail on Sunday. Miss Macfarlane set up a meeting with Danny Fournier and purchased the invitation for 200 pounds posing as a friend of  Miss Carroll's. Included with the blank invitation were several  other invitations to past events showing he had been pilfering for quite some time.

After further investigation by Jo Macfarlane, Carroll was told Fournierworked for another company who, in the past had done  business with Barnard and Westwood.

The Mr. Fournier  had called Carroll the same day he sold the  blank invitation to Macfarlane leaving a message he was concerned as he and a friend had been sacked by the company. It was later discovered he hadn't returned to work at the other company for the past few days claiming illness.

Miss Carroll's original thought was to contact the Palace, but having done so in the past,  knew it would be useless, as the palace has a way of dismissing situations with a wave of the hand. Stated Miss Carroll, One would think, after the Security Fiasco at William's 21st Birthday Party, The Royals would be much more Security Minded...

Miss Carroll's  was concerned for the safety  and security surrounding the upcoming wedding.

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